Saturday, August 2, 2014

Review: Revlon Colorstay Creme Gel Eye Liner (02/Brown)

Dipbrow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of my wishlist items, but the price is just above my range. Spending that much money on one beauty item is a big no no for me because I am not a MUA, but if I were, I'm buying it definetely. So, anyway, after reading some poisonous articles (LOLs) on several beauty blogs, I found out that you can use brown gel liner as a substitute for an eyebrow drawer.

And after, again, reading, some beauty blogs, Silky Girl gel liner is one of the most recommended with reasonable price, but I couldn't find any shade other than black, and I was too lazy walking around the shopping mall looking for just one item. So, when the BA in the Watsons drugstore offered me gel liners from Maybelline and Revlon, I chose the last one. Firstly, because it's a bit cheaper, and secondly, it is equipped with a built-in applicator which makes it more practical.



The cap is made of plastic, but the pot is glass although it doesn't look vulnerable. This product is actually very tiny. Btw, you will find the applicator by flipping the cap and click it. I like this kind of built-in applicator. Separated ones are too much of a hassle, especially if I have to bring the product with me.

Somehow, bentuknya mengingatkan akan esedo bubuknya Inez. Siapa yang punya jugaaaa? Cek review nya di sini kalo penasaran.

The ingredients:

My shade is Brown or 002. Available also in black, grey, and plum.
See the nett weight? It's only 2.3 g. Well, actually tiny products has their own advantage. At least I don't have to keep this too long in my drawer until it run out, so that I can keep on buying new ones. Agree?

The applicator in detail. It's actually equipped with a guard which I threw away already. Ribet. This applicator is very smooth and pretty thin. But you have to keep it clean from the product residue and always to click it back to the bottle. Or else, it will be stiff and hurt your eyelids the next time you apply it.



I expected the formula will be matte, turned out it has glitters, but not too much. Only visible if you look at it very closely. But the shade is a pretty dark brown shade. The opacity, I must say, is a medium one. You really have to swipe more than once to get an opaque result, doesn't go along the way.

Swatch di tanganku... Ternyata ada glitternya booo, keliatan ga? Kirain matte. Gini nih kalo beli Revlon di apotik, BA nya bukan dari Revlon jadi dia kurang tau detil produknya gimana. Beda kalo beli di konter langsung.

These are the result on my eyes. Applying this product using the applicator is actually very easy. I can draw a thin line on my eyebrow. But the formula is very smooth and I doubt it will stay like that 24 hours like it promised


These are when freshly applied:

Applied on my eyebrows as eyeliners.

If you smudge it using the applicator or simply your finger tip, you can make a simple brown smokey eyes like this. They don't appear to be too intimidating, do they?


I prone to oily lids and my skin type is normal oily, and by the 4th hour, the color faded a bit and smudged to my eyebags like usually happened to most of my eyeliners. Since the color is brown, the smudge effect wasn't as obvious as when you wear a black liner, but it's still a problem especially when I wore soft lenses. On the eyebrows, on the contrary, this liner stayed pretty well until the end of the day. Well, they faded a bit, but juuust a slightest bit. Maybe because my skin condition on the eyebrows area isn't as greasy as my eyelids. Please note, that I didn't wear any eye primer/base underneath it, just to see how this product perform on its own. Maybe if you apply eye base first, the result will be different.

The glitter effect, somehow, is pretty obvious. Well, this might be disturbing for those of you who prefer natural and matte result. I saw my eyes and eyebrows looked a bit shimmering under the lamp light and some of the glitter residue will remain on your face after you wipe it with a makeup remover. LOLs. But, I'm the type of person who likes to wear red eyeliners and purple lipstick... Sooo, I don't really mind with that.

The texture itself, since it's not very opaque, is very buildable especially for beginners. The user friendly applicator also makes it easier for you to draw a thin line. It is very creamy textured as well, compared to my Etude House Gel Liner, it is even creamier and less pigmented. 

Overall opinion, this product really does fulfill its promise to "stay" on my eyebrows and eyelids the whole day, although the number "24" is a bit exagerrated, since it didn't really stayed that long, but at least it does a pretty god job defining my eyes (and eyebrows as well) for more than 8 hours (with fading effect, of course). 

That's all my opinion this. Please note that different shade delivers different result, as well as your own skin condition/type.

My take for this shade:
  • Dark brown shade
  • It has glitters but not too much
  • Doesn't go along the way, but this also makes this product very buildable, esp. for beginners
  • Easy to apply cream
  • Good applicator
  • Very tiny (2.3g)
  • Waterproof? Yes
  • Smudgeproof? Not really, on my oily lids. Maybe this will be different on those who don't prone to oily lids.
  • Price: IDR 90K something (USD 8-9)