Saturday, August 9, 2014

Review: Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow (Love+)

Have you ever stood, as a 10 year old girl, in front of a shop window staring eagerly at the latest issue of your favorite Manga. Cold hands, heart beating fast, but you could do nothing since you had no money. You only had that IDR 50, enough to buy gorengan and es mambo. And the Manga would cost IDR 3,000. I wasn't poor, but born a tight budget family.

Well, more or less, the same thing happened to me when I saw this eyeshadow. And since I'm a grown up now, money wasn't the issue, but the goods availability. It is so hard to find this indie brand in Indonesia, you only can buy this through online shop, pre-order. 

So when I saw this on sale in Facebook, I immediately bought it. It is used item, but I don't mind. It's still like new anyway. And when the package arrived, the same blood-rushing experience happened again. LOLs.

Cute packaging, huh? The box somehow reminds me of matchbox. The clear cap makes it easier to look through the pan and find the color you want IF you have more than one.

The ingredients.

It contains 3.5g product. Not as petite as it looks.

The packaging somehow reminds me of MUA single eyeshadow. But the black part of the packaging felt smooth and velvety on your finger tip. It may look cheap, but once you touch it, you know it's not.

Rubbed my fingers on the pan and got this pigmented red mark on my middle finger. Sorry, I used my middle finger, it was a coincidence. The pan somehow felt HARD, but not powdery nor buttery. And it's matte. But, somehow, I need a lot of rubbing to achieve one solid color swatch.

The color looked a bit different due to the usage of primer. With primer, the color changed into a pure red shade, but without primer, it looked a bit orange.

  1. Run with tap water and swipe once with a cotton pad. It faded a bit but the one with primer wasn't faded out even a little.
  2. Swiped once with Makeup Remover. Loreal Eye & Lip Makeup Remover really is a great product. :D 

This picture is just a comparison of color amongst my red eyeshadow collection:
  1. Sugarpill (Love+)
  2. Ellianto
  3. Coastal Scents (120 Ori Pallet 1)
  4. Inez Sparkling Loose Eyeshadow (Glamorous Red)
  5. Viva Cream Eyeshadow (Red)

I was a bit surprised, when swatching the color without primer, Viva Cream Eyeshadow is a pretty good dupe for Sugarpill. LMFAO.

One thing I'm a bit confused until now, is the reason why I wanted a red eyeshadow so bad due to the fact that I only wear eyeshadow occassionaly. 


My EOTD using only this eyeshadow. Love the pigmented color but I made a mistake by using a white tone eyeshadow base (NYX eyeshadow base in Matte White) so the shade somehow changed into a bright sultry pink instead of a true red. Next time, I'll use my skin tone eyeshadow base. Or, maybe, because I use the white cream too much? IDK. I still need more practice.

My take:
  • Very pigmented color, especially with eye primer
  • Hard texture
  • Unusually bright tone and intimidating for some people
  • Petite packaging but generous content (3.5g)
  • Long lasting
  • Vegan cosmetic
  • Easy to remove (I use Loreal Eye & Lip Makeup Remover), I don't know if you use other remover, though. But using Loreal, I only need one cotton pad to remove the whole two eyes makeup.
  • How much: USD 12 on its official website. But also available in several online shops with price variety. But since it's preloved, this cost me IDR 95K only.
4.877 out of 5

And, yes, I'll buy this again someday. But I will try some other color.