Friday, August 22, 2014

Review: Pond's Flawless White BB+

Hi guys!

This BB Cream produced by Unilever was launched, like, years ago. There are two types: Age Miracle (review here) and this one, the Flawless White.

I am not a fan of makeup product with whitening effect, and been using Pond's Age Miracle BB Cream for the past 3 years. But this one was produced by a giant manufacturer, so I think I'll give this a go. Reading some reviews, this one also have more coverage than the Age Miracle one.

Actually, I bought the travel size first before trying a full size. It contained 8gr with a pretty high price for a very small amount (about IDR 20-30K). I decided to buy a full size since I'm quite pleased with the result.



Exactly the same like it's sister, the packaging has the same tube shape, made of a thick shinny plastic and silver cap. Except for the color, of course. This one is pink.

There's a round tape securing the cap, making sure this product hasn't been used yet if the tape is not wrinkled. 

Nice packaging but the cap, urgh... it's not very practical. They should have come in a flip-cap. Hello...

The SPF 30 PA++ was claimed on the packaging, means this gives you protection against both UVA and UVB neg effect.

Other claim:
GenActiv Cover Formula, formulated to cover dark spots instantly. Also contain skin lightening complex, depressing the growth of melanine to make your face appear lighter.

That was not exactly what the product said, though, but more or less. I tried my best to translate it >_<

Talking about the shade variant, I always find the Light one, never in my entire shopping experience I ever found any other shade than this. I checked their official website and there was no information about this. So this one is still a mistery for me. I assumed there are some more shades, or else, why on earth would they put the word LIGHT on the first place?

The pointy tip of the tube making sure you don't spill the product too much. 

The ingredietns. About 80% of these were also contained in Pond's Age Miracle BB+ and there is no paraben.



The shade is pretty light, best for fair complexion, and it has greyish undertone. The cream itself is not thick nor light and can be blended easily. There's a nice fragrant which doesn't very disturbing, at least for me.

My hand is the darkest part of my body and covered with small freckles, which are covered pretty well when I applied this on my hand with just one layer, however, this is not able to cover my dark spots, acne scars, and spider veins entirely. Especially on my heavy dark circles around the eye areas. I need about two or three layers to get the best cover, but once it's done, you'll get a flawless and smooth result.

An example on my face:

I don't know why but many reviews I read about this told me the formula was a bit dissapointing. But I've been using this for about six months and I love it. Well, the coverage like I told you before is not very high but my skin reacted pretty well. I use this mostly for daily activities and don't need such product with high coverage whatsoever. I even like this more than my previous holy grail BB Cream which is Pond's Age Miracle BB+. The finishing was dewy or glowing, so beware if you have very oily skin since this might not work well on you. And sometimes, the SPF on the ingredient can give you that white cast appearence when photographed with a camera flash, make your face appear fairer than your neck, but since I use hijab, that wouldn't be a problem. Again, hijab benefit. LOLs.

I usually apply this one thin layer on my entire face and double layer on my eyebags, then set it with the remaining powder left on my powder brush (I don't dab the brush to the powder pan), and so far with that way I can make my base makeup stay for 6 hours without looking cakey but still flawless. And, yeah, I do love the dewy effect this cream created. Although, to be honest, the whitening effect it claimed doesn't seem to have a significant effect on me.


My take:
Low to medium coverage
Perfect for daily use
Dewy/glowing finishing
Best for normal to oily skin type
Grey undertone, works best for pink and fair complexion
White cast appearence
Moisturize my skin
IDR 80-90K for 25 gr (about USD 8)