Sunday, June 22, 2014

IBB Makeup Challenge June 2014 with Silky Girl

Good day all!

My fifth submission for Indonesia Beauty Blogger Makeup Challenge, and I haven't won even once... yet. And moreover, this post was supposedly submitted two days ago... Well, whatever.

This month's makeup challenge is sponsored by SilkyGirl Cosmetics. Just a snap review, SilkyGirl is Malaysian cosmetic brand. Gitta Gutawa, an Indonesian best teen soprano, acted as their spoke person. I don't know in other country though.

Okay, back to the topic. The theme for this month is all about smokey eyes. And since I am still totally clueless what color to wear for a smokey eyes look, I'll just choose the safest ones, black and dark brown.

Pasang muka yg paling cakep dulu ahhh :D

For this look I use the classic technique of smokey eyes and an ombre lips style. Here are the tutorials. I have to tell you that the looks here are not exactly the same as in the tutorial boxes, as well as the products, but more or less I was using the same techniques.

Those two tutorials were originally posted on my previous posts here and here. I reposted again, because I'm such a nice person. LOLs.

And as for the face, I sculpted  my cheek bones, jaw line, forehead, and the nose, and added a bit of nude pink blush on the apple of the cheeks.


To be honest, making a 'pretty' makeup is such a challenging task, becoz gue orangnya sembrono dan kagak telaten. Jadi bisa dibilang, ini kerja keras bangeeet bikin blending yg beginian ya Allah.

Spam ya!

Hate my face here, I look like a hook*r

Teteeeep yeee biar mo gaya arab, hidung ga bisa boong huahahahaha

Sakit gigi heheheh. Agak burem akibat teknik yang kacau dalam memotret menggunakan timer kamera, maklum ga ada yg bantu motoin nih... hiks...

Products abused

  • Face
    • La Tulipe Cover Foundation (natural) as face foundation and hilighter
    • Maybelline Clear Smooth Face Powder (light)
    • NYX Single Eyeshadow (dark brown) as contouring
    • Coastal Scents 120 Pallet Eyeshadow 1 (pink) as blusher
  • Eyes
    • NYX Single Eyeshadow (black & dark brown)
    • EH Proof 10 Eyeliner Pen (black)
    • NYX Eyeshadow Base (matte white)
    • Unbranded Falsies
    • Baby Color Rainbow Softlenses (grey)
  • Lips
    • Beautystyle Lipstick (sweet earth)
    • NYX JEP (milk)

That's all for now, see you again :)