Monday, June 2, 2014

Makeup Collaboration: Witches of the Darkness

Burn the witches
Don't take time to sew your stitches
Good is the thing that you favor
Evil is your sour flavor

I don't need your hate
I decide my fate
You cannot sedate
All the things you hate

Makeup collaboration again! I really wanna do a witch face but don't have the confidence to post it on my own. I don't know why. 

Thanks to Rere Dini from who were willing to do it together with me, so that I finally have the courage to write this post. You should check out her page for her own version of a witch face.

My own witch is a green kinda face. I actually wanted to add extra nose and chin but failed half way through. Out of desperation, I took off those fake items and continued with my very own face. I did managed to have that classic green witch face, though.

Here are my makeup result with different lightings. It's the best effort I did, though. I must, and will, do better than this.



Lyrics credit:
Marilyn Manson
(Dogma, 1993)