Friday, June 27, 2014

Review: Etude House Dear Darling Tint (#03/Orange)

Lip tint!

What brand comes out of your brain first when hearing those words? For me it's Etude House. I've been holding a lot to buy these sweet things.... because I have passed my thirties and buying Korean products is seemingly a very youthful idea. Malu lah gitu, udah tua masih ga tau diri pake lip tint. Seumur aku kan mustinya udah cocok pake lipstik merah tua. Tapi kan aku mau keliatan muda terus, gimana dong!

Purchasing this EH Dear Darling Tint was just a random idea passing through my brain, and because my favorite online shop had its ready stock. Some of you might think it's a bit too late to review this old product, but hey, whatever....



The whole packaging. Plastics. They're all plastic with transparent bottle and metallic pink cap. You can see through the bottle without opening it. It's plastic sealed by the way, so you can tell whether they're still brand new or used already.

Btw, masih disegel plastik boooo, padahal belinya udah sebulan lalu. Jarang-jarang aku kuat iman kayak gini.

I found this picture from googling. There are four shades of them. From the colors shown I would pressume they are: pink, red, orange, and vamp (purple or red?). I chose number 03 which is orange. Wanted to have that 02 or 04, but I think my old TBS Lip & Cheek Stain has the similar shade.

Since it has no box and only sealed with transparent plastic, this is the only description you can find in the packaging. I don't understand it at all, except for the color variant (03) and that they were made in Korea.

The brush. Unfortunately, I forgot to zoom in the tip of the brush! Oh well, to be exact, the brush tip is just like a typical  lip gloss brush, but the shape is bended a little. The shape is round, btw.

Just what came across my mind to forget zooming in the brush, but took a detailed picture of the bottle? Well, what can I explain from this picture anyway? But it's just too beautiful not to expose. Hahahah blogger yang aneh. Sorry to waste your internet quota.


swatches & performance

The swatches. It is verrry orange. 
It is water based lip tint, so I'm pretty sure this kind of lip tint will make my lips dry, so moisturizing is highly recommended, at least for me. There is a strong fruity scent and if you lick it, there's a hint of bitter and sweet taste.
Pas di botol kan kayaknya merah gehese gitu yak, kirain seller nya salah ngirim warna, ternyata pas di swatch ke lengan jadi oranye kayak wortel, tapi tetep ada hint merahnya. Wiiii, jarang liat liptint oranye. Biasanya kan pink atau merah paling sering. Btw, ini berbasis air, bukan minyak, jadi bikin bibir kering. 

My bare lips in their greatest condition. This was taken some time ago. I actually had chapped lips when making swatches of this lip tint. But to tell you, this is my natural lip color. It is nude brown. Dalam kata lain, bibir yang pucat. Buat yang ngerasa punya warna pucat kayak bibirku, kemungkinan besar swatch nya di bibir bakal mirip juga yah hasilnya. Yang bibir merah atau kehitaman, akan berbeda pastinya. Yoi, bro... hehehe

The result on my lips wore as gradient lips and full lips, under indoor and outdoor lighting. At first application it will look glossy but once it absorbed by your skin, the appearance will look matte. In fact, if you dab only a small amount, the color will look so natural, like it sunk into your skin just like that. Love the matte result. There's a bit sensation of 'hot' feeling when the liquid touched my lips, but it'll turn okay after a few minutes.

Berhubung ini lip tint pastinya gak afdol kalo aku swatch bibir tanpa ada gradient lips-nya, maap style- gradient nya cuma seadanya. Tapi kira-kira gitulah penampakannya di bibir ane, gan. Kalo di pake lip tint jadi cute banget deh warna ini, kesannya kayak aku abis ngemut es krim rasa pepaya jeruk gitu. Oh, sok imut banget. Tapi bener deh, ternyata make lip tint jadi berasa lebih muda beberapa tahun. But I prefer full lips better than gradients.

Setelah beberapa kali pake liptint ini, ga tau ya di kamu, tapi aku ngerasa kayak ada rasa panas dikit gitu, dan bawaannya pengen jilat-jilat terus karena rasanya manis. Ada pahit dikit, tapi sebagai emak-emak tukang ngopi, pahitnya gak terlalu berasa. Ntar setelah beberapa kali aku jilat, dan sensasi panasnya hilang, baru deh berasa nyaman. Warnanya hilang dikit, tapi tetep kentara. Btw, penting ga sih aku cerita ini? Yaudahlah, yg penting aku udah cerita.

After a few hours, and eating, and drinking, the color faded out. I wasn't pretty sure how long it lasted, maybe about two hours. After that I had to retouch again. And the drying effect is a bit disturbing. I usually put some moisturizer AFTER the liptint application, because doing that before won't make this product absorbed nicely. It'll looked ugly, seriously.

  • Orange tone
  • Strong fruity scent
  • A hint of sweet taste
  • Water based
  • A bit of hot sensation on first application, but faded out gradually
  • Dry your lips, apply moisturizer after this!
  • The color faded quickly
  • How much: about IDR 50-60K (USD 6). Tergantung seller nya yah.

Rating would be: 3.36 out of 5.... yeah that's my rate.