Friday, June 6, 2014

My Daily Makeup Routine

Hello my friends!

So today's post is gonna be a little bit different than my usual ones. Still talking about beauty of course. It's about how I do my daily makeup. I don't use too many colors to decorate my face and focus more on the skin care ingredients below those makeups. So if you're looking for bold or colorful looks like I usually write, so this article is not meant for you.

Before we get to the main part, let me introduce you to my bare face. Except for the circled lenses, that's a bare face. No edit, ya.

My skin type is normal to oily. It is not flawless. There are red and black marks, big pores around the nose, acnes, eyebags, oily, and dried sometimes. You can't see all those problems in the picture though, thanks to the sun light, it camouflaged my flaws.

Okay, let's get to the topic. Basically my makeup routine is divided into two: skin cares and makeups. We'll head on the skin cares term first. I will try to write it on sequence. 

"Please notice that pictures of the products are not meant as advertising. They are merely recommendation of the ones I use. They work well for me, but might not work the same way on you"


SKIN CARE: Step by Step

Viva Acne Gel & Clean n Clear Acne Gel

After cleaning my face thourughly, I would first put on acne gels on necessary parts. If there was no acne/pimple, I would just skip this step. Pimples are usually happen during my monthly period. XD

Artistry AHA Serum Plus

Next step is this face serum. This one's my third bottle and it works quite well on my face.

After applying face serum, I would apply this drugstore item. I pressume that UV protection in BB creams are not enough to cover my skin. 

One more cheap items that works well on oily skin. 

Face primers

As a barrier between my skincares and makeups, I would apply a face primer. These products are meant for oily skin and I would use them alternately. TBS Pore Minimiser would be used when my face is super oily and got acnes everywhere.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

And finally, last but not least, prepare your lips before using lip colors by applying lip balm earlier on the process.

Okay, skin cares all set, move on to make up routine.


MAKE UP: Step by Step

Applying Base Makeup
Tony Moly BB Creams & Tony Moly CC Creams

There are many types of base makeup you can choose, either it is a foundation, BB Creams, DD Creams, CC Creams, or tinted moisturizers. I have many types of them, but these two are the items I use the most. BB creams for more coverage and CC creams for less coverage. And no, I don't use foundation. I even usually skip this step for a more natural result. I would smear it randomly around my face and blend using a triangle sponge.

Applying concealer
Revlon Photoready & Inez Concealer

These two are used alternately, depending on which item I found at first. LOL. I would apply them underheath my eyes and around my nose and blend them using a triangle sponge.

Applying face powder.

I set all those bases with a face powder using a kabuki or face brush in a circular motion. It gives more coverage and even result than a sponge can do.

Defining your eyebrows

My favorite eyebrow shape is arched and thin. I don't like the trending cute thick and flat ones because they make my face look sad. I'm not young anymore, I don't wanna look cute XD. My favorite eyebrow pencil at the time is Silky Girl in brown. 

I posted a tutorial on how I draw my eyebrows here, but for everyday look I do a much easier way like this:

  1. Draw a precise line on your lower part of the eyebrow..
  2. On top of that line, draw small and short lines until your whole eyebrow is covered.
  3. Leave the inner eyebrow part natural by not drawing anything there.

A friend of mine, a makeup artist, said my whole idea of drawing eyebrows like this is completely wrong and not the kind of way to be taught in makeup lessons. But I think the correct way by drawing your whole parts is too much for me. And I love it this way, what reason do you need? LOLs.

Drawing eyeliners

Draw a very thin line on your upper eyelids only. You can choose any style you like. For me, I would just draw it like this. Very thin, and no wing. I use Mizzu eyeliner pen in black, which looks miserable already due to overly abused by me. XD

Color your lips

To compliment the whole look, add a liptint to your lips which I dab to my whole lips area. My favorite lip color at the time is TBS Lip & Cheek Stain.


That's it, my whole part of daily makeup routines! I do that in 10 minutes more or less.

In case you're wondering about a blusher, mascara, contouring, or eyeshadow application and did I miss that step somehow, the answer is no. I didn't miss it. I just skip those steps on purpose because I think those are too much for everyday look.

Final look and comparison:

I know my makeup is not perfect. My chubby cheeks, my eyebags, wrinkles, even my flat nose, they're still there, but only photosopped pictures are perfect anyway. (Ini aja masih sering diprotes ketebelan ama suami).

Makeup sehari-hariku seperti ini, yang natural aja. Dari jaman aku kerja sampe sekarang jadi ibu rumah tangga, look seperti inilah yang paling sering kupraktekkan. Bukan berarti aku bilang yang bold atau warna-warni itu ga bagus, tapi semuanya tergantung dari selera dan kebutuhan masing-masing orang. Mungkin akan beda makeup routine-nya buat yang dituntut harus tampil bold, atau mungkin juga buat sebagian orang look seperti ini udah menor banget. Hehehe... Apapun itu, lakukan aja apa yang membuatmu percaya diri. Terserah orang mau bilang apa, itu hak mereka untuk memiliki penilaian. Yang jelas kamu punya hak untuk tampil seeeee nyaman mungkin. ^_^

How do you do your own daily makeup routine? Or maybe, you don't have one?

Thanks for reading!