Sunday, February 1, 2015

Review: Wet N Wild Mega Last Lipstick (Just Peachy & In The Flesh)

Well, actually there are so many temptations coming from various lipstick products, from the cheapest to the most costly. But my choice seemed to be coming back to these babies. Reading many review on this planet, I found that their shades are great dupes for many high end lipsticks.
I have reviewed several colors back then, you can hit the word 'Wet N Wild' on the tag section at the right part of this page. So I won't talk much about their packaging whatsoever since I wrote it down on my previous posts.

The shades I bought were Just Peachy and In The Flesh.
 These colors are similar to Lime Crime Babette (for Just Peachy) and Mac Twig (for In The Flesh).


When swatched on my lips, the shade seemed to be a lot lighter than the bullet. I don't understand the color change.

Just Peachy

This is a very pale peach (or pink?) that's so hard to pull off, it's too pale on me. Make me look sick. Maybe this color will suit people with extremely pale/fair skin with cool undertone and works best for dark smokey eyes look. The application is a bit streaky and the result on my lips are all patchy here and there. The solidity is even worse, it doesn't end up really opaque on me. My full lips look even fuller thanks to this color, and I don't mean it in a good way though. A total regret.


In The Flesh, taken indoor with medium lighting.
In The Flesh, taken indoor in extreme bright light.
In The Flesh is actually a dusty pinky brown color, a very wearable and safe color. This shade is a bit tricky to be photographed since it can look brown in a dark lighting, but turn to a little bit dusty pink in brighter lighting. The opacity is marvelous and the bullet glided smoothly on my lips. This is another treasure from Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipstick other than Bare It All, a total darling in my make up purse.
So far I have tried five shades from this Mega Last series. I used to have an excellent review over these products, but the more I tried the more I realized that not all of them have very opaque result. I'm talking about Just Peachy which is so chalky and streaky. But other than that, this lipstick is still my favorite, other than Revlon Super Lustruous series.
I would recommend a lip balm application first since these products have medium hydration effect. They're pretty long lasting but would faded a bit after meal. Both colors in this article stains my lips but not too much.
I really need to try other shades from this lipsticks, I don't know which one, but maybe I should buy them all to fulfill my curiousity? Should I? I have googled some reviews about Pink Suga, Stoplight Red, and Think Pink, but the more I searched, the more I confused.
For now, I won't leave you with my verdicts towards these lipsticks since I just found a good purchase for one product and a total let down for the other. I think you can summarize your own based on my reviews. 
I was wearing In The Flesh.