Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Review: NYX Mechanical Eye Pencil in Purple, Lime Green, Turqoise Blue,White, Gold, Pink, and Silver

I bought these colorful pencils because I love coloring my lips with crazy colors, but not worn publicily, though. Just for fun. Since lip liners are so limited in terms of color variant, so I think these eye pencils are good substitutes.

Let's see the colors I got.

This is a dark purple with blue hint. The color is a bit irridescent and metallic. Its pigmentation is great, I can get a very opaque result in just one swipe.

Lime Green/MPE07
I wouldn't call this a lime green since the color is just like moss. This is a metallic moss green with a good pigmentation. One of my favorite item.

Turqoise Blue/MPE09
A stunning blue, the color is true to its stick. Its's a bit metallic with super super great pigmentation. Another favorite item of mine.

One of the color I use the most in my waterline, of course. This is the only variant from my NYX pencil collection that has a matte result. The opacity is marvelous, and it stays the whole day on my waterline. I think I reviewed this once, but I'm not sure. You can hit the search button to find out more.

I wouldn't say this gold shade, it's more like a bronze to me. It has metallic hue, and sadly, the pigmentation is not very good. Or if I my say, very poor.

When I bought this, I was hoping the color would be a good substitute for a pale pink lip liner. Turned out I was wrong. It's an irridescent pink with a hint or purple. And this is the poorest color in terms of pigmentation. Totally a let down. I wouldn't recommend this if you're looking for a pink pencil. The texture is also very clumpy.

It is a silver, what more can I say? This one glides smoothly with a very opaque result. A recommended item if you're looking for a silver pencil.


So, these pencils varies in terms of opacity. They are retractable and, like most pencils with similar shape, are also very fragile and brake easily. So please be gentle with your hands. 

Beside using these as eyeliner and lip liner, I also often use these as an eyeshadow base to make my eyeshadow colors more pop, it works well!

These are claimed to be waterproof, but the lady in the counter told me that these aren't really waterproof. It won't easily fade if you splash it with water, but rub it ince and you'll get the color gone in a second. And these are not smudgeproof. So becareful wearing this on your eyes on a sweaty hot days.

- Semi-waterproof
- Varies in terms of pigmentation, texture, and types of color
- Not waterproof
- The stick breaks easily
- How much: IDR 95K on official counters, and around IDR60-70 in online stores

Example of application on my lips, using the lime green and turqoise blue.