Monday, December 1, 2014

Review Etude House Color Lips-Fit (PK004 & PP501)


I need to wait for about two months to finally get these berry babes. Just a gentle reminder that I have reviewed several series of Etude House Color Lips Fit. You can check out the review here and here. So the total would be 5 shades!

I just wouldn't write much about the packaging since I already mentioned it on my previous posts. But just wanna tell you that these were actually part of Color Lips Fit Lock N Summer series, but somehow Etude House finally combined all the summer and spring series together.

The shades I got are PK004 (Pretty Fit Hot Pink) and PP501 (Brave Fit Berry).
These are the latest shades. It was so hard to find these two, I've searched through online stores but only could find it in Zharasonline, and it was pre-ordered. 

The wand is short, and the applicator is not some typical doe-foot shaped. It was oval and thin, and more bended than most lip cream/gloss applicators.

Left: PK004
Right: PP501

PK004 is a very bright pink. This color reminds me so much of Lime Crime Velvetine in Pink Velvet. While PP501 is a fucshia shade. I don't see any undertone in them, but PK004 works best on fair complexion, and PP501 for all complexions. I can say that these colors are actually sisters.

The consistency is a bit runny. I have to wait until it completely dry to add another layer and get an opaque swatch. This is not a problem when I apply this to my lips since my natural lip color is light/pale. But I think this will be an issue for those who have darker lips as you'll need several layers to achieve an opaque result.

When I first opened this several months ago, I can smell a very strong fruity scent coming out of the bottle. Nice scent, but waaay to strong for my nose.

These babes are waterproof, not easily transfer, long lasting and can be easily wiped with make up remover. Once removed, they'll leave some nice pinkish stains on your lips.

They look glossy and creamy at first but will turn to a matte result. It took more than a minute until they completely dry. If you aren't confident enough to be bold, you also can wear this gradient style. But I was just too lazy to capture the picture. I did, though, on my previos posts. Please hit the link above.

These are how they work on my face, with light makeup:

I can say that these colors can brighten up my dull look in an instant. Talk about bold colored lippes?


I really love these shades of Color Lips Fit series. Unlike three of my previous collections that look so neon bright and comical on me, these two are more... Humane, perhaps? They stay on my lips the whole day, more than 12 hours if I may say, eventhough I've used them for eating and drinking. They don't easily transfer but not kissproof.

I gotta tell you that, somehow, the purple stays longer than any other shades and doesn't pook clumpy at all at the very end of the day

Since they're matte, they tend fo dry your lips. To overcome this, I won't suggest you to use this everyday, give your lips some time to breath once in a while. Don't forget to scrub your lips twice a week and apply lip conditioner every night. I'd say these tricks work all the time.

My take:
  • Strong fruity scents
  • Runny consistency
  • Very pigmented
  • Can be used as blusher as well
  • Not easily transfer
  • Long lasting
  • Not kissproof
  • Glossy to matte result
  • Tend to dry your lips
  • How much: Around IDR 110-100K in many online stores