Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Review: Lime Crime Palette D'antoinette

Yes, I know it's rainy season in Indonesia and even winters on some parts of the world. I bought this and took these pictures months ago, and the blog post was stashed among my drafts too long that I forgot it. Oh well, forget my excuses, here it goes.

I'm always been a fan of Lime Crime products because of its uniqueness in shades and packaging. This pallet is no exception. How do I describe this? Purple tin with dreamy golden unicorn patterns embossed on all over the surface. This reminds me of my tin pen case back in my school days.

The shade descriptions were written on the tin bottom. And because of the name of the palette, those descriptions are so "monarch".
Stashed inside were five bright pastel eye shadow shades reminiscent of sweet candies. They're all matte except for one sparkly silver on far right.
Indoor with camera flash.
Indoor under natural lighting.

I swatched these with my bare skin, no foundation and no eye primer whatsoever and they came up pretty bright. Not that kind of stark bright since they're pastel, though. These swatches were so much vivid in real life. Somehow my camera seemed to be focused on the silver shade only no matter how many times I tried to capture.


 Color Breakdowns

Royal Flush.
Royal flush is a sweet matte baby pink. It's usually hard for me to find the perfect pink to create a pastel pinky eye look. I usually ended with too neon or too soft, but this one stands in the middle.
I just love this green. I think this is a true pastel green. All other greens are usually represents leaf, or lime, or camo color. But this one reminiscents me of nothing, just green.

This shade can turn to peach or soft orange, depends on how thick you swipe it. Other than Royal-Flush, this is the color I wear often, and the combination of those two is absolutely stunning.

This is a soft unicorn lilac shade. In my skintone, this is the hardest shade to pull off, even though it's pastel but turns too bright on me. It can also look a bit blue on different lights, not my favorite but still a nice shade.

This is a very bright silver color loaded with sparkles and the most pigmented of all five. Although very pigmented but this is the least impressive regarding its staying power. I was a bit marvelled by this existence since it's the only non-pastel color in this palette. Why not... errr white, perhaps?
I added a bit of black shadow from my Sleek Acid Palette, but the rest of the shades are from this palette.

I have so many neutral and bright palette, and having another pastel one is seem to be a nice idea. In fact, each pan has very unique shade that doesn't seem to be available in any palette I own.
I love wearing this palette on daily basis since it's a good way to make your eyes stand out and colorful without looking too much. I can say it's sweetly colorful rather than daring or stark bright, compared to China Doll palette, for example. 
They're all so smooth and buttery, and although they're matte but can be easily blended. A good color pay-off in one swipe, but its longevity is kinda average. An addition of eye primer in advance would be very helpful to lengthen its staying power.
It cost for about USD 35 on its official web, if I'm not mistaken. It's available in Indonesia in online stores only. I got this from It cost IDR 420,000 but I bought this with 30% discount at the time.