Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Review: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm #205 (Elusive)

This lip color is actually a part of my last June haul, I finally get the chance to review it.



Actually there are three types of this lip crayon divided by their finishing effect. Matte balm (matte), balm stain (creamy/satin finish), and lacquer balm (glossy and less pigmented). You can judge the formula based on the packaging. The one I have here is matt, that's why the tube felt smooth. I once had the creamy one (balm stain) which I already reviewed here.

I took this picture because I thought the ingredients were written here, but turned out you should peel off this sticker on its cap, really carefully, to find out more.

These are its ingredients, taken with my phone camera. Hope it came up pretty well.

The crayon tube color represents each shade. Mine is #205 or Elusive. Judging from the tube, it's gonna be a dusty pink shade. The color that I mostly picked when purchasing a lip color.

Perasaan lipstik gue banyak, tapi kenapa warna yang dibeli itu lagiiii itu lagi. Maap intermezzo dikit.

Aaaand just as I thought before, it is a dusty pink. At least, that's what I thought.


Swatches and performances

Swatched on my hand, using both lighting.

My bare lips.

The swatches on my lips. 


Although the color is actually a nice one, but I gotta say I'm a bit dissappointed since it's not the dusty pink like I hoped. Turned out the shade was a pink with yellow undertone that looks too bright on my lips and make my complexion looks dull. I think I should have bought the Sultry shade, a warmer tone.

If you glide it on your lips, you'll feel a cool minty sensation. Maybe that's why this product was named BALM (balsem kan pedes ya bo! Heheh). The formula is matte, although it's not as matte as NYX SLMC or EH Color Lips-Fit, and this one dries my lips. Well, that's because I have dry lips and get chapped easilly. Maybe the condition will be different on those who have healthy lips.

The longevity is average. I wouldn't mention how long it's gonna stay since it really depends on how sloppy you are, especially when you wear this while you eat or drink. But after you took a meal, I would strongly suggest to wipe everything off and retouch all over again, or else, your lips will look super ugly, seriously. Btw, this one, will stain your coffee cup.

Overall, I like this lip color, although I would not list this as one of my favorite items. The color, the formula, they all just.... I would not call them bad, but they just don't work for me. Too bad, because this is the very first time I ever feel dissapointed by Revlon product.

  • Matte formula
  • Lips drying, lip balm application is advised
  • Pink shade with yellow undertone
  • Nice scent
  • Cool mint sensation when first applied, and will fade gradually
  • Medium staying power and pigmentation
  • Stain your coffee cup
  • Price: IDR 88K (USD 7-8)

Do you aggree with me or have other sentiment about this?