Monday, July 14, 2014

Review: Etude House Dear Darling Neon Tint (#03/Pink)

Oh well, lately I reviewed more and more lip products, just what in the world is happening to me?

After several lip products from Etude House, now I'm gonna review my most favorite lip tint of all.



This is a quite cute product. Maybe because of the pink content. This lip tint is packed in long plastic bottle, and sealed in transparent plastic. But I already tore it off since I couldn't hold back not to use this.

Source: Google
Color system: Orange, Milky Pink, And Neon Pink. The Neon Pink was actually the newest shade. Compared to EH Dear Darling Tint with their transparent liquid, this one has milky shades.

No ingredient explanation since there was no box, neither it was stated on the plastic seal. And, this sticker is all you can find. My shade is 03.

The applicator is a bit bended.

Aww, just look at it, isn't she cute?



It's quite bold when you swatch it over your hand. There's a strong fruity (strawberry?) scent which is super girly. This is water based, if you're curious.

My bare lips.

Swatches on my lips taken in both lighting, applied as gradient lips and full lips style.


Overall, I must say that this product is just an extra line added to Etude House Dear Darling Tint (which is a good product as well). Compared to its predecessor (review here) aside from their choices of color and price, I don't find any significant difference regarding their texture and longevity. To my super dry lips (especially on this Ramadhan fasting) this product dried my lips, like... a lot, but lip balm application after or before this is just an easy and great solution. 

Although this one kinda suck in my lips moist, but I do love the shade. It really gives you a natural looking pink lips, especially if you dab it into your inner parts only. 

One question frequently asked to me, will this product camouflage the black spots on your lips? Sorry to dissapoint you, but it won't, just like any other lip tint. So dab some concealer if you find your dark spot on your lips are annoying, otherwise you can leave it be. And once again, just like any other lip tint products, this one doesn't stay long on my lips. I don't even have to eat nor drink, after just a couple of hours it faded already, which I really don't mind. I love dabbing it frequently because the scent is flattering ^^

  • Natural pink shade
  • Water based formula
  • Dried my lips (mine, I don't know about you)
  • Fruity scent
  • Pigmentation: medium
  • Longevity: low
  • Price: around IDR 70K (depends on the seller)... although I don't understand why the price is almost twice as much as EH Dear Darling Tint? What are their difference?

I would love to buy other shades as well, if you by any chance have tried it, feel free to leave your review on the comment bar. 

Thank you!