Friday, July 25, 2014

Review: Etude House Tear Eye Liner #1 (White Tear)

Hi all!

I know, it's far too late to review this product since it's launched more than 3 years ago. But in the past three years, I haven't even started blogging, yet have enough fund to spend it on cosmetics. So, I think now is the perfect time to make a review.

First of all, for those of you who are curious about what kind of product this is, it's basically eyeliner which is used to hilight your eyes, spesifically your lower lash beds. Beside that, I don't know what else this product is used for. 



There you go. This is the bottle which reminds me of the EH Proof 10 Eye PRimer bottle, unless the cap is light peach shade and the tiny bottle is made of transparent plastic. This is actually a very tiny product witha very long cap.

They are available in four shades:
White Tear (#1)
Silver Tear (#2)
Pearl (#3)
Sunlight (#4)

Although I gotta say, the types of this product is a bit confusing. Some say they have five shades (including the pink Shiny Tear), some only four, and the EH Indonesia official website mentioned only three of them (Sunlight is excluded).

I don't know about you, but I think the shades are quite similar one another. I found this when googling the swatches to several beauty blogs all around the world. Yeah, they are different, but it won't revealed too much since you're gonna need a small amount of the product applied to your eyes, and no one will ever notice unless if they look at your eyes veeerry closely. But, that's impossible, right? So, I guess you can just pick any color randomly, in case your favorite one is not available at the time.

My shade is #1 which is White Tear

The applicator is a brush rather than a felt tip, and it's quite pointy as well.



Swatches on my hand. The lighting somehow makes the left picture reflects a gold shade, but actually it's a pure white. 

The result on my half-finished EOTD.


The tip of the applicator, like I said, is pointy and makes it easier to draw a thin line. But in some point, if I want to retouch the line again, the surface will look uneven. So, one important tip to use this is never to retouch the line you have drawn. The intencity is awfully transparent, so if you want to have a solid white result, I would suggest you to apply white eyeshadow on the first place.

Is it just me and my sensitive eyes, but every liquid liner always give me a sting effect when first applied, although it will fade gradually. The same thing happens to this liner, it stings although just a bit. I can bear it... needles and stitches hurt much more. LOLs.

One more thing I gotta say, this is not a waterproof product, so beware when you cry. And I gotta say that the glitters will gradually move to your eye ereas, how about you, does the same thing happen to you?

Overall, I like this product a lot. In fact it's been one must-have makeup item for me. Because I have  pretty bad dark circles and applying this near my tear duct area helps to brighten my eyes. It really gives you that sparkly effect, as if there's a pearly tear drop on the corner of your eyes. Hmmm, I think I know why this product was named Tear Eyeliner.

  • White pearly shade
  • Brightens my eye
  • Sting my eyes, but just a bit
  • Not waterproof but it stays in place the whole day if you don't rub it
  • Pointy applicator
  • Price: IDR 70K to 80K, depends on the seller

4,5 out of 5