Saturday, October 10, 2015

Review: Sugarpill Addicted To Pretty Palettes (Burning Hearts, Heart Breaker, Sweetheart)

O alas, these palettes are on the top list of my 'must have item' for like, years. But I just bought these about six months ago, and just collected the mood to review them now, since I was too excited trying them on.

FYI, Sugarpill launched several series of pressed eye shadow palettes, one of them is Addicted To Pretty palettes, which is divided into three series: Burning Hearts, Heart Breaker, and Sweetheart palettes, which are loaded with bright and vibrant colors.

These babies comes with a carton (cardboard?) palette and a large mirror inside. Each palette has 4 shades in it. The palette is secured with a magnet inside and an extra carton for extra safety. The packaging design might seem a little too fancy for some people, with blues and pinks everywhere, not to mention an illustration which I assumed as the picture of Shrinkle (Sugarpill CEO) and her white furry friend. A design which can fulfill the taste of a clown whore, like me.

OK, so I am now trying to start reviewing each color. I promise, although I'm such a fan of Sugarpill, I'll try to be as honest as possible.


Sweetheart Palette

Top to bottom: Dollipop, Afterparty, Midori, Tako

Dollipop has a matte finishing. It the cutest and dreamiest vibrant hot pink I have ever seen. I just can't compare the color and its pigmentation to any other pink shades in my collection. Simply amazing! Afterparty is a bright turquoise blue with a semi-pearly sheen on it. The pigmentation with or without base are equally amazing. Midori is a vibrant green. The finishing is semi-pearly, just like Afterparty. The pigmentation is medium, but looks better with an eye base. Tako is legend. It is a pure matte white. It is mentioned as one of the best white ever, but too bad I don't experience the same thing with this one.


Burning Hearts Palette

Top to Bottom: Poison Plum, Love+, Buttercupcake, Flamepoint

Poison Plum is a deep purple with a semi-pearly sheen. I sometimes mistake this with 2AM, and visa versa. But Poison Plum is definitely a lot darker. I often use this to create bruise effect when making SFX make up. Great pigmentation and even greater with an eye base. Love+ is the brightest and truest red I have ever own. But the pan is kinda hard, not buttery and its pigmentation is surely need a good eye base. Buttercupcake is a bright matte yellow. Yes it is opaque and quite pigmented for a yellow eyeshadow. Although it is not really pigmented, but so far this one is the most pigmented yellow shade I have ever seen. Flamepoint is a vibrant matte orange. I can say Poison Plum is the most pigmented color from this palette, while others are so so.


Heart Breaker Palette

Top to Bottom: Mochi, 2AM, Velocity, Acidberry 

Mochi is a matte minty green/blue. It has a very nice pigmentation despite its light color. I wear this quite often because it compliments my skin tone. Like, I can wear some blue without looking like an '80s movie star. 2AM is a matte purple with iridescent result. It has a great pigmentation and this one is a more wearable dark purple compared to Poison Plum. Velocity is a vibrant blue. It's not very pigmented when applied without eye base but surprisingly turns to a very opaque result with eye base. The comparison is so dense. This is the least shade to my favorite list because it's too bright for me. Acidberry is a matte lime green with a slightly pearl sheen. Not very good pigmentation without an eye base. 


So overall, I like them a lot. I just can't decide which one is better. As I mentioned before, they vary in texture and pigmentation. But one thing I know, although some of them are quite powdery but I don't experience any fall out during the application. The pans are quite hard and not as buttery as some other brands. Several colors will also leave stains on your lid like 2AM, Dollipop, and Poison Plum. Basically any color with pink and purple hues in it will stain.

Each palette cost USD 34.00 on its official website and around IDR 490K when sold in Indonesia. Damn... I bought them when it was IDR 380K something (they were on sale).  I know the price is actually out of my league and I saved up a lot to purchase them. I definitely won't use this to do my clients' make up. Nope. They are just... well, toys exclusively for me.

In short, these palettes are good toys for you who love playing with bright colors. Although there are several dupes in the market, like creative Me Palette by Coastal Scents or Sleek Eyeshadow palettes.

Below is a collage of eye makeup I created using these palettes only. Except for the eyebrows and eyeliner, of course.