Saturday, October 10, 2015

Review: THE FACE SHOP Oil Control Water Cushion (Shade V203 Natural Beige) (*)

Finally, my first post in October, and it's passed 10 days after the beginning of the month already. What a shame. This time I'll be reviewing the latest product from The Face Shop called Oil Control Water Cushion. I got this product sent to me by Kawaii Beauty Japan as one of the winners of their giveaway. Thank you KBJ and The Face Shop! I honestly feel so excited because I've been wanting to try a cushion foundation for so long.



Product name:
Oil Control Water Cushion

What it is:
Basically a foundation in a cushion 

V205 (Natural Beige)

Net weight:
15 g/0.52 oz.

12 months

Official price:
IDR 329,000.00

Cushion Foundation recharges skin with moisture while controlling sebum for long lasting freshness.

- Moist-cover effect promotes a healthy look while covering up imperfections and pigmentation.
- Sebum oil control formula helps keep make up shine-free.
- Sweat proof effect keep make up in perfect condition for hours.
- New Microfoam keeps make up feel as fresh as when it is first applied.

This cushion foundation comes in a white compact and a blue box. The size itself is quite bulky but not heavy. You can find a tree shape representing The Face Shop emblem on the cover of the compact. You'll also find a decent mirror when opening it.

The shade I got is Natural Beige. The shade was chosen by KBJ and The Face Shop. So, I hope this one suits my skin tone.

The compact is equipped with a plastic separator to separate the air puff and the cushion itself. Keeping the puff dry and protecting the cushion hygiene.

When it's brand new, make sure you find this paper seal underneath the plastic separator. This makes sure your product haven't been used before. Well... not really actually. Someone might actually reseal it even after using this. :)

This is the cushion. Simply push the puff to the cushion to release the product, then pat it onto your face. The idea of a foundation or BB cushion was actually comes from a water cushion stationery. In case you're wondering.

The puff itself is very soft and very useful to apply the product evenly, without using any additional brush or beauty blender. I assume this one is not just a regular puff.

The consistency is quite runny, not thick. This also ease me to blend the product. You can also smell a refreshing aroma coming out of the product.

Left: Bare face
Right: With TFS Cushion only

This is the result on my not-so-bare face. Yes, I already put on some contact lenses and drew my eyebrows. But the rest are purely bare. You can see my really heavy under eye bags and circles, that can be covered almost perfectly. I don't use any additional under-eye concealer for daily use, just patting some loose powder on my T-zone would be enough.
Ya buat sehari-hari masak harus full coverage sih.

Maaf ya, buat review cushion aja dandannya berat banget... Abis pas dandan mood-nya lagi pengen menor sih.
The shade Natural Beige luckily is suitable for my NC25 skin tone. The coverage is medium, and it is buildable depending on your needs.

I use this on a non air conditioned environment for 8 hours and find my nose tip gets oily in just a few hours but the rest of my face were doing fine. FYI, my nose tip gets oily easily. I don't experience any allergy or breakout during the time I wear the for almost one month. Well, I do breakout when the products I wear are too heavy.

The finishing result on me is matte. But maybe since it's a water cushion, I does not feel heavy on my skin.Once after the product is finished, I would consider repurchasing the refill

Having a foundation cushion is also very practical, because usually I would use my foundation/BB cream before I leave the house and put on the rest of the makeup in the car to save time, or else I have to bring the whole bottle of foundation and a brush. But by having this cushion, I just need to bring it with me and do all of my make up routine on my way. Very practical and save a lot of time! Once after the product is finished, I would consider repurchasing the refill.