Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Review: RiRe Lip Powder in Hot Plum (No. 02)

Gosh, finally I feel like making a review in English again. I'm sooo missing doing this. And this time I'll be reviewing RiRe Lip Powder, which is kinda interesting since, as the name implies, this is actually a lip tint in the form of powder.

PACKAGING. This lip tint comes in a cute tiny bottle made of clear plastic and a black cap that looks like errr... an elf hat, or mushroom, or... whatever you name it. It also comes in a black and pink carton box with a small opening on the front so you can actually see the powder shade.

THE APPLICATOR itself has the shape of a doe-foot, it's soft and flexible, but the handle is too short and that black mushroom hat kinda blocks my view when applying the product onto my lips, so it doesn't allow for an accurate application. Also the opening on the bottle was too small for the applicator. I had a difficulty getting it out of the bottle and afraid the applicator tip will slip off of the wand and trapped inside the bottle for the rest of its miserable life. 

THE TEXTURE itself is obviously powder, pink powder to be exact. At first I wasn't quite sure how on earth the powder will stick to my skin, but as you apply it onto your skin it magically turns into something watery, liquidy (is it even a word?), or more like gel. When first applied, it looks a bit uneven, but wait for a second and it'll turn into an even matte result as it dries. As I apply it, I don't smell any weird scent whatsoever, just a hint of chemical smell but will fade eventually.

THE SHADE. Since this is a lip tint, I will apply it in two ways, full lips and gradient. On my lips, this Hot plum turns into a strawberry milk color, but when I apply it full lips I have to put on several layers to get an even result, the color also turns into a bright pinkish red. So I think the shade is buildable.

THE PIGMENTATION is low to medium. I won't put my hopes too high in term of pigmentation. This is a lip tint, please. At first, building one layer only is easy. But to get an even result as you build more layers is a challenge since it tends to be patchy.

This lip product stays pretty well on my skin for the whole day, although it really depends on how you eat or drink. Since this is water based, it feels a little bit drying on me. So moisturizing in advance is a must. It will also leave a mark on your coffee cup but just in tiny bit, but the good thing is, I don't feel that tacky feeling like you have when wearing a matte lip cream (duh!).

Overall I am not so sure what to name this product. If it's a lip tint, it doesn't really tint your lips because you can still take it off with makeup remover for the most part. Do you get it? But I think this is a good try if you get bored with some common lip tint product.