Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Review: Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Trap

Oh dear, this is actually another path of my journey in the middle of matte lip stain trial adventure. This is the kind of adventure I really love. LOL. I meant to try on every brand of matte lip stain in every shade they launch, but I just couldn't. My bank account told me so. So here I am, reviewing one shade only of Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip.

For those who haven't heard of this brand, Colourpop is an American cosmetic brand, and they're relatively new on the market. They previously launch their Lippie Stix collection. You can check out my review in the shade Tootsi.

There's nothing special in this department. Just some plastic transparent tube with silver cap and holographic Colourpop logo on one side. It has a white carton box as an extra packaging.

There are about more than 40 shades of Ultra Matte Lips, and varies from super nude to super dark purple. There's nothing too weird though, like green or yellow shade. My shade is Trap, which seemed to be a quite nude greige shade I adore lately. The shade indicator was placed on the bottom part of the tube with a transparent sticker.

Their long doe foot applicator is so soft, makes it easier to apply, as well as gives more comfort when applied onto lips.

Left: with camera flash
Right: under natural lighting

There's a hint of chemical odor of the product. Just a bit, though. This product dries quickly and felt very smooth. I don't even need extra effort to smooth the surface, whether it's on the lips or just some rough swatches on my hand. The consistency is just right between liquid and cream. Not too thick nor too light.

The shade Trap is actually a wearable greige kinda color, a mix between grey, brown, and a tiny bit of purple. Well, at least on my lips. If Lime Crime Faded and Cashmere had a baby, then Colourpop Trap is probably be the one. I don't think this would suit people with darker skin tone. But if you're confident with it, so just kill it.

Trap feels very lightweight on my lips. I can still feel a bit of powdery feeling on my lips, but for a liquid matte lip stain, this is pretty comfortable. But as comfortable as it is, it's not very kiss-proof. Well it is kiss-proof, but not really. There's still some of the flakes on the inside of your lips that will stain your coffee cups. Like... flakes on your cups. Eww...

This product also drains your lips, so be prepared by applying some lip balm in advance.

The removing process is not a hard one. I just need to dip a cotton pad on regular makeup remover (just a cheap one, Mustika Ratu), place it onto my lips for several seconds, and wipe it. The surface will turn into (again) small flakes that won't even stain your lips.

Overall, this product is worth to try considering the price which is relatively cheap and their enormous range of colour. There are lots of wearable colours to be used for everyday needs. This product originally cost USD 6 each, and sold in Indonesin online stores for about IDR 120K. Price may varies.