Friday, November 6, 2015

Review: Sleek Make Up iDivine Sunset Palette

This is the second eye shadow palette I own from Sleek Make Up. I bought their Acid Palette and I like it a lot because most of the colors are crazily pigmented. This Sunset Palette is more suitable to be worn during summer. Tapi di Bekasi selalu musim panas kan. Heheheh...

This palette comes in a black box and black palette with a huge mirror inside, also a dual ended sponge applicator which is actually pretty awesome but I don't use it quite often. Sunset Palette, just like the name itself, is packed with hues of sunset colors. Although I'm not pretty sure about the blue. Which part of blue represent a sunset? The sea color?

Top: Natural lighting
Bottom: With camera flash

There are two versions in Sleek palettes regarding their pans: the one with waffle pattern, and the other is like the one I have. Some have the color description, and others don't. I have no idea how this could happen. I don't think mine's fake anyway since I bought this from a reputable online stores.

Top: Natural lighting
Bottom: With camera flash

All of the colors are equally pigmented and buttery. The last three colors may not seem so much due to my skin tone, but applied on darker skins, they'll look fantastic. They might be great colors for highlighter or base.

Let me try to explain the color one by one:
  1. It is a lightly shimmery black. Well, I don't call this a shimmery since the effect is so light, but it's not matte either. Applied on my eye lid, and I almost can't see the shinny effect.
  2. Red with orange undertone with shimmery finish. Excellent pigmentation.
  3. I don;t know what to call this color. Copper maybe?  It has shimmery finish and great pigmentation.
  4. Bright orange with good pigmentation and shimmery finish.
  5. Gold. It has metallic finish and super shinny. One of the best gold shade I've ever found. 
  6. Turquoise blue with shimmery finish. The pigmentation is not as good as other colors in the palette. But still it has a good color pay-off.
  7. Dark brown, almost looks like dark copper. Shimmery finish, good pigmentation, and smooth textured.
  8. Somewhere between and red and brown. This color reminds me of Viva eyebrow pencil color in brown. 
  9. Lighter version of the color No. 8. Good pigmentation, soft, and buttery.
  10. My skin tone color but with shimmery finish. Great color as base.
  11. Darker version of color No. 10. A bit of a rose gold. 
  12. Light pink with metallic finish and great pigmentation.

None of the colors are matte, they're all either shimmery of metallic. Even the black has a soft shimmery effect. Some colors like the color No. 1 and 6 is a bit powdery. I usually use eye shadow base to lessen this powdery problem. Other than that they're all smooth, buttery, richly pigmented, and blend beautifully. 

I bought this in my local online store for about IDR 150K to 170K (I forgot as usual). I think this palette is great for you who are bored with so many neutral color palettes, but doesn't want to go overboard with bright colors.