Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Review: Lime Crime Velvetines (Faded)

Despite many bad reviews regarding this brand, I just kept on buying more. Simply because I love how this product on my lips.This year, Lime Crime launched several new shades of their Velvetines series, and I can't wait to try them all. But my budget surely told me I really have to wait. 

Lime Crime Velvetines always comes with a frosted glass bottle and a flowery red box. This packaging is actually their latest design, not much different from the old ones.

I'm not so sure how many shades available now from this Velvetines series. I chose Faded as it has some soft purple shade, which is my favorite.

The applicator comes in a doe-foot shape but it's a bit longer compared to the old Velvetines. This new shape is more beneficial for me. There's also a hint of vanilla aroma that will fade gradually after the application.

For those of you who are not familiar yet with this product, it's actually a liquid lip stain that will end up matte after a few minutes.

Judging from the color inside the bottle, Faded looks so similar to Bleached and Cashmere, but when applied onto my wrist, turned out it was actually a muted purple that wearable for day and night. You just can't go wrong with this nude color.  Rather than thick and creamy, this product has a liquid and runny consistency.

Lime Crime Velvetines is a lip stain that quickly dry, it'll only take less than a minute before it dries completely. The formula is a lot better than the old version of Velvetines. It glieds smoothly and very pigmented. Once it dries, it won't budge all day, unless if you eat oily food. This also doesn't clump, felt lightweight, not sticky but powdery, and not drying at all. Compared to several similar products, Velvetines is the most enjoyable one. Not to mention its nice vanilla scent which is pretty amusing.

Although this one's not drying, I just won't suggest to use matte lip stain when your lips are over drying, or when you're not feeling well. I also try not to use matte lip stain every single day. Trust me, you'll have some issues. To remove the product from your lips, I also suggest to use your favorite lip scrub.

In Indonesia, for the time being (or maybe forever) Lime Crime Velvetines are available in online stores only. It originally cost USD 20 for 2 ml of product, but I bought this for IDR 350K in BeautyStore Nicula in Facebook. Price may vary.