Saturday, April 5, 2014

My Perfect Face

Hello, all you readers with the perfect faces wherever you are! This time, I just wanna set aside all the talks about makeup tools and beauty tips. Lets just talk about your face. Your bare face.

Seriously, what do you see when you look into the mirror bare face? Your face, of course! Hahaha. No, really, I'm talking about what your mind sees when your eyes are staring at your own bare face. Imperfections, I would say. Just what is exactly you define as a perfect face? To be honest, I have no idea. Even the most beautiful women in the world still find some spots that need to be carved.

I may look my best on some pictures, but in reality, I don't always look that good, especially in the morning XD. Thanks to cosmetics, I was almost able to cover up all those things I consider as the imperfections. Lets just reveal them one by one. Oh, by the way, due to some reasons, I don't look completely bare face in this pictures since a drew my eyebrows and thin eyeliners. Other than that, this is my real face. And, yeah, no filter. So prepare your heart XD

Warning: Nausea alert!

My super wide and 'spacious' forehead

My mother used to mock me a lot because of this. LOL. Even my family members and relatives have their own nickname for calling me because of this kinda forehead. But even so, I never been bothered by this and hold no grudge to my families XD. For many years, my mother maintained that medium bob hair cut with bang to cover my forehead, which lasted until I finally decided to wear Hijab. It worked well, although that's not the main reason

My eyes

Really. I have a lot to complain about my eyes. They're narrow, puffy, with very thin and short eyelashes, and those super dark circles... and they're super sensitive I get teary pretty often, and drawing lower eyeliners is completely a bad idea. They look fierce as well no matter how hard I try to smile kindly. But I love the fact that my eyes are still functioned, and I'm not suffering color-blindness. ^_^

My super thick glasses

This topic actually still related to the above paragraph. See my glasses lenses? Oh, yeah, they're very thick. My ears often felt hurt pretty badly from holding the weigh. I've been wearing these since I was 8 (I got bullied a lot as a child because of this) started with -2.00 and the number keeps on multiplying until I reached the age of 20. So, you can guess the minus and cylindris number by now. That's why in all of the tutorial I always wear soft lenses, simply because I can barely see without them. Wearing softlenses and glasses are mutually hurt. If I get the chance to win a billion bucks, I'd definitely get an eye surgery!

My flat nose

This item has been another target off all the stupid bullies back in my childhood and teenage hood. Luckily even though it's flat, but it's pretty small, and still fully functioned as a breathing tool. ^_^
Do you know that flat nose is actually a symbol of success? Hahaha.

My chubby and plumpy cheeks

These marshmallow shape cheeks actually only appear when I smile or laugh, it's weird huh? If don't smile, they really dissappear! But you know, chubby cheeks can really make you look younger! Guess how old I really am!

My not-so-white teeth

Although my teeth are lined neatly (thanks to my mother who persistent enough to take me to the dentist although I hate it so much), but they're not the whitest ones. This happens because my constant consumption on coffee since elementary school. So, I don't really confident wearing dark bold lipsticks. But well, this is because of my own fault.

That.. Errr.. Mole

What is that, really?! I don't really like moles, to be honest. Kinda make my face look dirty. Sorry, God, I complain a lot. And, sorry, Cindy Crawford, you look great XD.

My curly pinkie

Err... Right, actually, not only my pinkies are curly, but all of my fingers are.

There are still many though: my fat belly, my fat calves, etc, etc. Sheesh... Women! You never had enough!

Okay, I finally revealed some items I consider as my own imperfections. Phew, it took a lot of courage. 

I don't mean to sound like a Miss Complaint, but lets just be honest, who in the world ever satisfy with her/his own appearance? Many people got bullied a lot, some of them even chose the worst path to end their suffering. But lemme tell you this before it's too late. The problem is not on how many imperfections you have, but how you face them, how you live with them, and finally accepting those as part of who you are. If you already achieved this stage, then you are living a happy and content life. 

So, to all the imperfect people out there, we all are!