Monday, September 21, 2015

Review: Revlon Matte Lipstick (Mauve It Over)

This Revlon Matte Lipstick is a result of my impulsive shopping habit. I picked this up at the counter since I thought this one comes in the same series as Revlon Super Lustrous. Wrapped in plastic, they look alike. Little did I know, when you unwrap them, the packaging looks quite different. Revlon Matte Lipstick series has a black cylinder tube with matte surface and a silver strip, while Revlon Super Lustrous has glossy tube with golden strip in the middle.

It has a 'transparent window' at the top of the cap, so you can peek through the color to choose your favorite shade in the counter.

Mauve It Over is not exactly a mauve color. To me, it looks like a combo between pink, brown, and a touch of peach. I mean, mauve should be more like pink or purple, right? This is such a pretty and safe color and look a lot like my real lip color. Some reviews said this color was a dupe for MAC Velvet Teddy.

There's a bit confusing fact I got from that Revlon had discontinued this, but I'm not so sure since I bought this on September 2015. Maybe they have reproduced this, or else, I got myself an old stock, but it's alright for me because I don't suffer from any allergy at all.

Applied on my lips, this lipstick glides on very smoothly without flakiness. The result is semi-matte. No weird smell, in fact it has no smell at all. But I got a little problem with its pigmentation, because if I have to compare this to its sister (Super Lustrous Series), then this one sucks (a bit tho', not really). I have to glide several times to get an opaque result. But I don't know if the same thing happened with other shades.

This lipstick stays the whole day without drying effect. I must say this series is my favorite because I love the semi-matte result. It makes you look stand out without having too much distraction of glossiness.

I bought this in Dan+Dan makeup store for IDR 35K, and must say this series is better than the Super Lustrous one, except for the pigmentation, of course. But remembering again about the 'discontinuation' fact, well, it kinda bug me. Because I love this product so much.