Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Review: LA Splash Smitten Lip Tint Mousse (Inflamed)

Matte liquid lipsticks are sooo in these days. I actually meant to collect all kinds of colors but from a variety range of brands, just to try them all and judging which one among those has the best formula for me.

My option for the red color is LA Splash Smitten Lip Tint Mousse. I actually a bit confussed between La Splash, La Colors, and La Girls. Are they even the same? Kay then, never mind.

There's also LA Splash Lip Couture, which is a similar product to this one. But there are some differences, so I decided to make another post about it.

Nothing special about the packaging. They are originally double packaged in two ways: with clear mica box and with plastic wrapping. Apparently the one I got is with mica box.

At first I doubt to buy this product since I hate the packaging design. They look cheap. Shinny cylinder bottle with pink mettalic cap and metallic La Splash words. 

The difference between this and LA Splash Lip Couture is that they have golden cap and golden words.

Color system:

I chose the brightest red of all the color system: Inflamed.
The variant name really represents the color. I'll tell you why later.

It's a shame that I forgot to capture the whole part of the box, but this product life span can only last for 3 months after you open it. That's why I didn't intend to buy so many colors from them. THREE MONTHS for 3 ml nett? How can I spend all of them in three months...

The applicator is doe-foot shaped, the common ones for this type of product. I tried this and it was pretty convenient, although to make a really clean and crisp line you have to use extra brush. Another difference with LA Splash Lip Couture is on the applicator, Lip Couture has longer one.

This product is wet when freshly applied but will turn to dead matte in just a sec! Really, it dries very fast! So it was pretty hard to take pictures of it while still wet. And any mistake in drawing your line is unforgivable. It has a mousse or creamy texture, very thick, similar to NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream.

Also, also, I have to underline this, the smell, urgh! Smells like wall paint, really annoying. Although it will fade gradually but definitely not a pleasant one when you first open the product. Similar case also happen with LA Splash Lip Couture.

The shade Inflamed is a very bright red. It is a bit similar to Snow White red. Kinda remind me of an apple skin. Kalo aku bilang ini warna cocok banget buat pengantin adat Sumatra karena warnanya pas sama baju adatnya. Tapi tenang aja, dengan modal cuek, kamu tetep bisa pake ini untuk sekedar hang out atau kondangan kok. Sekilas emang kayak warna lipstik ibu-ibu pengajian jaman dulu, tapi yang ini versi matte-nya.

Taken indoor with camera flash

Taken indoor without camera flash, under extremely bright lighting

The picture I took under camera flash somehow represents its real color in reality. But under several lighting it can change to a softer red. 


The texture, just like I mentioned before, is very thick and creamy. It dries instanly once you swipe it. This will end very opaque on first swipes, but you have to add another layer to get an even result. When adding another layer, just make sure the first one has dried completely, or else, it will start flaking out. The applicator is not pointy enough for me to get a clean and crisp edges so i often use eyeliner brush or even an angled brush to achieve an even lip line.

They also last all day. Kissprood, smudgeproof, waterproof. You definitely can wear this for swimming because I did that and it didn't budge at all. Put this on your chest and you might as well have a bulletproof vest. LOL. Taking this off is easy. I just put a cotton dipped in ordinary makeup remover, press it for several secs, and wipe it with all you might. After that, scrub your lips and moisturize. This product won't leave any stain at all afterwards.  And just like many other matte liquid lipstick, the inner part of your lips will clump  after a long day.

Does it dry? Yes, forgodsake! Even for my lips that don't dry easily, they do! And they also felt dry, as if your lips are sealed with a duck tape or something. But this is a very common feeling when you wear a matte finish liquid lipstick. I have tried several brands with similar products: Etude House, Lime Crime, MUA, NYX, they felt really dry. So for those of you who prefer comfort than beauty, I don't think this one's for you. Find softer products, like some boring ordinary creamy lipstick for instance. 

This cost USD 11 or USD 12 in their official web, but I bought this for IDR 140K in Nyxolshop in Facebook. Price may vary.

So overall, I actually like this product bery strawberry much, if only they have longer life span. I just wish the company could reformulated their products and lengthen their life span.

  • Dead matte finishing
  • creamy texture
  • Wet when fresly applied but dries in a second, literally
  • Smells like paint
  • Drying effect, and drying feel
  • Great color pay-off
  • A bit clumpy
  • Doesn't stain
  • 3 month life span after it was openned
  • Inflamed is a true bright red
  • How much: IDR 140K in Nyxolshop (facebook)

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